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Winscribe Meeting Recording

Winscribe dictation for Meeting Recording, Hansard Recording, Court Recording, transcription, and workflow routing solution empowering thousands of organizations globally to take better control of their document management, dictation, and transcription needs.

It is critically important for professional organizations to protect the confidentiality of sensitive information. Winscribe Dictation makes use of two levels of security: file encryption and HTTPS. There is also a comprehensive set of policy rules within the system for managing password protection, retention, and re-use; account lock out;  and force password change.
  • Organizational competence
    Efficiency and speed in the delivery of minutes and transcripts are vital to the performance and functionality of any organization. Winscribe's Digital Recording technology greatly increases the rate at which minutes are produced. Research shows that its sophisticated workflow management results in improved productivity and enhanced accuracy and efficiency.
  • Automatic archiving and encryption
    All recordings are automatically managed, secured, routed, and archived without the need for any manual intervention. Tracking recordings takes no more than a few seconds. Winscribe also incorporates enhanced encryption technology offering you the assurance that all recordings are protected and confidential. No recordings can be accessed without the necessary access privileges.
  • Single package solution
    Users are particularly pleased with the comprehensive package solution offered by Winscribe. Features include intuitive user interfaces, automatic archiving, and retrieval of detailed documentation, security, and online help. All of this eliminates the need for expensive add-ons later.
  • Hansard & Courtroom Recording
    Winscribe's Hansard and courtroom recording systems facilitate the quick and accurate recording and transcription of parliamentary and courtroom sessions. The central server ensures that all audio content is recorded securely. Recordings can be segmented allowing the transcripts to be transcribed while in session. That way, participants get to leave the sessions with a transcript in hand. With all the benefits of Winscribe's digital recording solution, Hansard and Courtroom recording are invaluable solutions for government and legal institutions.