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About Winscribe

For years Winscribe has worked together with thousands of organisations like yours to optimize the processes your employees use and to increase their productivity. We are well known for our history in digital dictation workflow management – especially within the legal, law enforcement, healthcare, transcription and insurance sectors around the world.

How well things get done in any business depends a lot upon the processes that people follow as they work together and how they manage tasks to complete outcomes. This is true in the process of using Digital Dictation to create documents and it is also true when you use Business Process Management software to automate your tasks and organize the flow of work through your business.

Daily, around the world Winscribe customers are applying our technology and our services to get things done; more simply, more efficiently, and with consistently better quality outputs to offer their customers.

Vital Statistics

Winscribe has over 3 500 customer organizations and a user base of more than 350 000 individuals across 25 different countries around the worls


Customers in every major market have access to a full range of preparation, installation and after sales support services.

Main Industries

Legal, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Insurance & Finance, Governemnt, Transcription, Surveying & Property.

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