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Winscribe Press Release - Gold Coast Hospital Go From Inaudible Analogue Tapes to Crystal Clear Digital Dictation with Winscribe

Gold Coast Hospital Go From Inaudible Analogue Tapes to Crystal Clear Digital Dictation with Winscribe

(September 27 2012)

Analogue tapes just didn't keep Gold Coast Hospital going so they decided to opt for a new digital dictation software Winscribe. This means no more lost tapes with transcriptionists receiving documents from doctors instantly on their computer.

Gold Coast Hospital, who provide approximately 500 beds and admit over 60,000 patients annually, have found a significant increase in efficiency going from inaudible analogue tapes to a voice recognising, clear and audible digital dictation solution, Winscribe. The ability to instantaneously send dictations through to the typist has revolutionised the way that the Gold Coast Hospital Gastroenterology and Hepatology department works. Gay-Maree Eaton, Gastroenterology Secretary, finds Winscribe incredibly reliable, user friendly and efficient, "Previously if a dictation was completed, the tapes would be lost or the tapes would not be received by the typist, as the process would be delayed up to 2 days through the internal mailing service. Now, utilising a phone or mobile phone that sends the dictation through instantaneously, has therefore resulted in significant time saving measures."

Before Winscribe was introduced to high-end users of dictation, such as doctors, an inefficient analogue system with devices that were not robust enough to handle the amount of use was becoming unreliable. "Analogue transcription tapes were overused, we experienced a high rate of brakes in the tape spool and the magnet roll for voice quality would become inaudible and therefore not cost effective", stated Ms Eaton.

These inefficient processes put pressure on management to review their existing systems and look into a more advanced method of communicating from doctor to typist. After careful evaluation of various enterprise software solutions, Winscribe was selected and implemented into the Gold Coast Hospital with Division of Medicine being the pilot for this project followed by Department of Surgery and later by Robina Hospital and Community. The Gold Coast Hospital being a very reputable hospital in Queensland was a big influence for other hospitals to move forward with Winscribe. Winscribe allows the hospital to maintain a high level of continuity of patient care easily with a 24-48 hour turnaround time for correspondence to be mailed to the patient’s general practitioner. “Winscribe is the most technological software system that offers instantaneous recordings to the typist with higher output of work due to the immediate Server Job windows viewer of jobs arriving for action,” Gay-Maree added.

Overall enhancement of processes and systems have been implemented at the Gold Coast Hospital over the past 6 years since acquiring Winscribe. “The analogue systems with tapes caused much down-time with overused tapes, broken tapes as well as lost tapes,” stated Gay-Maree, on the other hand, “Winscribe offers clear, audible voice recognition. The technology is incredibly reliable and user friendly for the typist. The Author speaks into the phone which can be downloaded directly to the Server Jobs for instant flagging of work in the queue.”

Cutting down the time taken to get the dictation from Doctor to Typist has significantly increased the Gold Coast Hospital’s turnaround time for documents without the unnecessary delays. The transcriptionists favourite features are “the ability to drag and drop a group of letters up into the Local/Personal Jobs,” making it easier to complete their work. Additionally, the authors’ greatest benefit is their ability to now, “pick up a phone and dial in even from home to dictate, particularly if they become busy during working hours. Patient record numbers mean that the typist can identify the patient’s details for correspondence to the correct local medical officer,” Ms Eaton concludes.

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