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Legal Speech Recognition

Legal speech recognition

The Winscribe Speech Recognition Suite - Fast, Lightweight & Accurate Voice-to-Text Solutions

Consider this example:Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR) technology recognizes the words you are speaking and automatically types them for you, resulting in significantly faster documentation and turnaround time. ¬†Winscribe also assists companies that are looking to adopt more “paper light” business practices to digitally document and store information, minimizing the need for hardcopy paperwork. ¬†

The average person types 39 words per minute, (19 words per minute if editing is required). Yet, the average person speaks at 200+ words per minute. Think about the impact Winscribe Speech Recognition solutions could have on your business’ bottom line!

Client-Side & Server-Side Speech Recognition

Both client-side and server-side speech recognition can be combined and deployed in many different scenarios to suit individual requirements. Both combinations also retain all the workflow management features that make Winscribe so powerful. Authors can review their own reports before and/or after they are transcribed, or have them reviewed by others.WSR’s powerful voice recognition solution comes in two forms: client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end). With client-side recognition, dictation is converted to text as the dictation is made. By contrast, with server-side recognition, dictation is completely captured, and the voice file is sent to a server, where it is compared to a voice profile and converted to text.

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