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Winscribe Document Workflow

Document Workflow

Winscribe Dictation – Let workflow be your time machine!

Winscribe delivers workflow technology that removes manual processes from your dictation and transcription processes, saving your organization TIME!

The Winscribe workflow engine has the ability to acquire organization-specific criteria, enabling it to make intelligent decisions and shape the automated steps between the workflow’s starting point and ending points. The Winscribe engine can collect dictation from multiple sources, determine the most efficient and desirable route for each job, automatically route the dictation anywhere in real-time, and automatically adapt to any deviations from the standard workflow (e.g. typist availability).  

Furthermore, Winscribe workflows make it possible to monitor the overall status of the entire dictation/transcription process in real-time, maintain archives, and provide valuable reporting for assessing productivity and efficiency.


Specify and manage your document workflow down to a fine level of detail

In nearly every business process, the creation of a document is not the end, but a step in that process. Once created the document needs to be carefully managed from that point on. You need to be able to determine and optimise the ways in which people access and work with that document.

The core workflow management you need to create (dictate), type, review, store and forward documents is native to our technology. But different types of organisations need various degrees of document management. In the legal business for example, document management has developed into a highly specialised field of technology solutions. When you need to integrate to one of these document management systems, you can either use one of our existing integrations or a new one can be created using our integration tools.

In the health sector, there are different forms of document management. An X-ray is a document and often stored and managed in a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System). We already integrate to a dozen of these. Patient information can be stored and managed in a Health Information System or Practice Management System. Again you have access to integrations already built.

What is one significant benefit of an intelligent, automated workflow?

TIME!  You get time back that would have previously been wasted manually delivering audio tapes, sending digital files, and managing data – enabling organizations to focus time and effort on more revenue-generating activities.  

Dictation + Workflow: How does it work?

The core of the Winscribe Dictation system is the intelligent management of dictation files over a server or network of servers. Audio files are still played by a typist or secretary, but voice files are sent electronically across LANs, WANs, via telephony or over the Internet to intelligent workflow servers that identify a user’s details and automatically send his or her dictation to the most appropriate secretary, secretarial workgroups or outsourced transcription providers for completion.  Digital dictation workflow software can also be used in conjunction with third-party systems such as document, records, case, or patient management systems.

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