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Integration & customisation

Connect your solution to your other business systems.

Winscribe software and workflow have been designed to integrate dictation with existing systems, with the aim of creating seamless workflows for all users of our solution, helping you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure.

Winscribe’s API will integrate seamlessly with any existing external databases and systems currently in use at your organization — such as billing platforms, document management systems, RIS/PACS, HIS, and other accounting or data management systems.

As experienced healthcare integrators, we have worked with a wide variety of PAS, EPR and TIE systems, as well as integrating with a number of clinical portals to produce a variety of solutions using HL7 (Winscribe has a built-in HL7 engine), Web Services, and XML technologies.

The current library available is;

  • AGFA PACS Integration
  • Fuji PACS Integration
  • GE Centricity Integration
  • GE Dynamic Imaging Integration
  • HL7 Messaging Integration
  • Healthviews Integration
  • McKesson PACS Integration
  • Orion Soprano Medical Transcription Integration
  • Sectra PACS Intergration
  • AMICA PACS Integration
  • Emageon PACS Integration
  • GE PACS Integration
  • Hologic Integration
  • Interwoven Integration
  • Orion Health Concerto Portal Integration
  • PROMEDICUS Integration
  • Stentor PACS Integration
  • Winscribe Media Player
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