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Other Industries

Winscribe in other industries
Speech Technologies for Every Business

Winscribe Speech Technology solutions are successfully employed in a variety of sectors such as Insurance, Government, Distribution, Law Enforcement, and Finance - to name a few. While organizations in these industries have very diverse structures and organizational requirements, one thing they have in common is that they see the need to increase efficiencies in their reporting and document creation processes

Winscribe Speech Technology allows business professionals of all varieties to increase the productivity of their authoring, as well as support staff, by mobilizing their workforce and streamlining processes to reduce document turnaround time. Overall, overheads can be reduced and expenses possibly re-allocated from administration to tasks that directly impact the bottom line, which in the end can lead to better client service and improved competitiveness for businesses.


Key benefits of Winscribe Speech Technology:

  • Advanced workflow and intelligent automation enable reduced organizational overhead and improved staff productivity¬†

  • Maximize productivity and rapidly improve document turnaround time by employing advanced speech recognition technology

  • Mobilize your workforce and leverage existing investments with flexible recording options (via smartphones, tablets, digital recorders, and/or PC microphones)¬†

  • Integrate with existing third-party data management systems to minimize data entry, improve data accuracy and further streamline your documentation processes

  • Flexible acquisition options by means of traditional (on premise) licensing or cloud-based SaaS ¬†licensing to meet the needs of your business.

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