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Winscribe Reporting

Winscribe Reporting

Winscribe Reporting provides an effective solution for businesses to collect, track, analyze, and report on their dictation and speech recognition data, staff productivity and organizational efficiency - enabling them to work smarter and leaner.

Winscribe Reporting allows your company to create powerful reports and billing summaries, straight from within the Winscribe digital dictation workflow management system; and enables your organization to take control of your transcription outputs. Winscribe reports can also provide an overview of how well your dictation or speech recognition system is working for your company: who is using it most efficiently, who is not, and whether your dictation and transcription processes are working effectively. In turn, your company is able to quickly take corrective actions to address performance issues and improve employee usage. Winscribe Reporting allows you to accurately measure staff workloads, output, billing, and revenue generated through your Winscribe Dictation or Winscribe Speech Recognition system.

Benefits of Winscribe Reporting:

  • Quickly and easily manage staff performance, organizational output, and create billing reports.
  • Graphical displays provide for ease of interpreting data.
  • The Winscribe Reporting Dashboard offers the convenience of collating reports on one screen, as well as the flexibility to run reports individually with just one click.
  • Uses Microsoft SQL’s Reporting Services, which provide robust data analysis and allows customers familiar with Microsoft’s Reporting Services to generate custom reports.
  • Ability to automatically schedule reports for consistent generation of key reports during non-peak times with minimal administrative requirements.
  • Manage staff performance to ensure efficient time management of staff resources, monitor productivity, and reduce overtime costs.



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