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Winscribe Security


Keeping your information secure

Winscribe software has been designed and built with security as a primary consideration. We have over 15 years proven experience in providing healthcare organizations, law firms, government bodies, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies with reliable, robust, secure digital dictation solutions.

All components of the Winscribe system are compliant with international and industry security standards for encryption, password policies, privacy and confidentiality. Winscribe is both fully compliant with United States HIPAA law and NHS clinical risk management procedures in the United Kingdom.

In addition to security, we offer a comprehensive audit trail for all documents — detailing who has created, viewed, and edited each document, the dates and times their actions were undertaken, and what changes they made.

Enterprise class dictation software that is stable and secure
  • Winscribe is built with scale in mind. Our larger installations reliably accommodate over 5,000 users working at the same time

  • Partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix, RIM (BlackBerry) and other leading device manufacturers means you can rely on Winscribe to work with recognized industry standards and that you will be able to enjoy forward and backward compatibility with your hardware investment

Fully Transparent Audit Trail - HIPPA compliant
  • Winscribe offers a comprehensive audit trail for every created job. This allows you to certify that a job has not been opened or edited by anyone than the intended author and typist

  • Winscribe streams its dictations from the Clients to the server and back. Streaming not only reduces the footprint on the network, it also makes data interception noneffective as only a fraction of the job could be captured through a hacked stream

  • Support for Active Directory/LDAP Interface. By allowing the clients to be linked with the Windows Identification process, Winscribe Dictation allows IT Managers to control and manage their user profiles more efficiently

  • Administrators are able to enforce their company's security and password policy requirements from within Winscribe. Advanced password enforcement rules, such as password expiry, lockout, and password complexity requirements can be set easily - straight out of the box

Advanced encryption to keep your important data safe
  • Mobile (and PC) devices transfer audio files via secure built-in SSL encryption. We support security certificates with up to 512bit encryption for maximum security

  • Audio files are encrypted on your Server, PC/Laptop and BlackBerry. Because Winscribe uses a proprietary encryption algorithm, lost or misplaced laptops and BlackBerries are also protected from compromise. Third party solutions are available to increase device lockdown options for iPhone and Android devices

  • Confidential jobs can be easily routed to preferred typist, ensuring patient/client confidentiality and compliance with your organization's privacy rules

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