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Professional Services

Winscribe professional services

Services and Support

Maximum business efficiency is an ongoing process and the big leaps begin with a project. Whether you are planning to implement a new digital dictation system or to simplify and streamline business processes you need to work with the best. You want deep domain expertise and an approach that is designed specifically for your business. With us, you are not just choosing the best software for the job; you are also accessing all the knowledge you need;

  • A well tested and proven approach to meeting your requirements
  • Trained and experienced installation professionals available worldwide
  • Full ongoing support
  • Integration and customization services to fully extend your solution  


Needs analysis, preparation and deployment

Your business improvement begins with the development of a critical understanding of your needs and continues with a solution that delivers the outcomes you seek. Our approach provides for this to be achieved quickly and efficiently;

  • Business analysis services from trained analysts
  • Identification and modelling of your important business processes
  • Preparation and deployment of your software application, including project management
  • Measurement and adjustment for maximum performance 
  • Comprehensive training to ensure your people hit the ground running
  • Ongoing support available 24/7 if they trip up or simply need help. 



Integration and customization services

The tools you rely on most in your business rarely stand alone. To drive the most efficiency frequently means to share data between systems. Winscribe has a wide range of integrations already available to enable data sharing and working between your business systems. When you need more, we are ready to design and deliver to your requirements.

Business Process Analysis

Improving the process together

When it comes to getting the best results, the trick is to combine an excellent understanding of the capability of the technology being applied with good knowledge of the processes being improved. For this you need a proven approach from experienced professionals who understand how to quickly and efficiently identify the best way to automate your workflows. The Winscribe Services team of experienced business analysts provide a simple and logical approach for best results.

We offer a structured and phased approach; 

  • Discovery phase. This is where the most valuable processes to automate are identified and any available information about how those processes operate is gathered.
  • High Level Analysis phase. Where the processes are documented in their current form and as they are understood by your own people.
  • Improvements Analysis phase. Here improvements to the way things get done are identified and the value to you of implementing the improvements is quantified. The best changes to the process are proposed.
  • Detailed Analysis phase. At this point, you get to share any details that remain to be considered or discovered in relation to how the process works currently in your organisation. Business rules are checked and any technology integrations are considered.
  • Specifications phase. A workflow pattern prototype is created, considered and modified if necessary after which you sign off as the commencement of project delivery.



Integration & Customisation

Never mind 80% fit – how about 100%?

Modern technology solutions rarely operate in isolation. To get the most out of your technology investments you often need them to talk to each other, or at least share some data. After 15 years of operation, providing solutions to various industries, Winscribe has a library of integrations to over 20 systems from a range of software and hardware vendors. These integrations range from practice management systems and document management systems in the legal industry to patient information systems and image management systems in the health sector. In the unlikely event that we don’t have your system covered, we are always prepared to consider a new integration.

Similarly, no two businesses are the same. As your organisation has developed and improved, it has certainly developed its own way of getting things done. Some of these processes will actually represent competitive advantage in that you are able to do things better than your competitors. As part of our commitment to delivering value, we provide services either directly or via our partners to understand how well these processes work for you and to ensure that our technology is implemented in a way that best suits your business and its operations.


Project Management

Industrial Grade Project Management

After the first few thousand projects you tend to get very good at managing them. The success of your solution matters to you and it matters a great deal to us. To help prevent those things ‘that go bump in the night’ and to ensure you enjoy the outcomes you need, we have developed a global project team, armed with a methodology that is internationally accredited, field tested and battle proven.


Installation and Support

It’s the delivery and after sales service that counts

When you implement new technology, you want it to go smoothly. We want the same thing and we make sure we deliver it. Whether you are working with one of our many global partners or directly with us, you have access to the expertise and care that you need. The key is in the preparation and management – something we have greatly refined and codified over time. Installation is a consultative process and one that closely involves your key team members. Our methodology is well proven and can be adapted to suit your own IT management preferences.

Getting started smoothly is only the beginning. As you move on to more efficient and better ways of working, you want to know that we are there for you in the event of any challenges you come across. We have built a global support network of our own, populated with trained staff and complemented by those of our business partners that can provide any level of support you require, when you want it. Our customers’ needs are paramount.


Ongoing Customer Service & Support

Once you have implemented a Winscribe system, our team of support experts is there to make sure everything runs efficiently.

Installing a new system is only the first challenge, we understand the difficulties and frustrations that are possible in supporting a system like Winscribe. 

We have  a team of experts offering around the clock support, so no matter where you are in the world, we can give you the help you need to stay up and running with as little disruption as possible.

Winscribe Clients Enjoy

  • clear service level agreements, with options available for every budget and level of service requirement

  • one hour response time on standard issues, 30 minutes for critical issues and immediate phone support for most regions

  • weekend support coverage

  • in house development team available as second tier support


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