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Speech Recognition

Winscribe - Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

The Winscribe Speech Recognition Suite - Fast, Lightweight & Accurate Voice-to-Text Solutions

Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR) technology recognizes the words you are speaking and automatically types them for you, resulting in significantly faster documentation and turnaround time. Winscribe also assists companies that are looking to adopt more “paper light” business practices to digitally document and store information, minimizing the need for hardcopy paperwork.

Consider this example:

The average person types 39 words per minute, (19 words per minute if editing is required). Yet, the average person speaks at 200+ words per minute. Think about the impact Winscribe Speech Recognition solutions could have on your business’ bottom line!


Client-Side & Server-Side Speech Recognition

Both client-side and server-side speech recognition can be combined and deployed in many different scenarios to suit individual requirements. Both combinations also retain all the workflow management features that make Winscribe so powerful. Authors can review their own reports before and/or after they are transcribed, or have them reviewed by others.WSR’s powerful voice recognition solution comes in two forms: client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end). With client-side recognition, dictation is converted to text as the dictation is made. By contrast, with server-side recognition, dictation is completely captured, and the voice file is sent to a server, where it is compared to a voice profile and converted to text.

Winscribe Speech Recognition Suite

Choose the voice to text solution that is right for your needs

Depending on the requirements of your business, speech recognition can be employed in different ways. No matter how you decide to implement voice to text technology, Winscribe have years of experience to help you select the best voice productivity solution for your organization.

- Winscribe Speech Recognition (WSR) is part of Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow management system. WSR quickly and accurately transforms speech to text. With WSR, speech recognized text can be automatically sent to support staff for review, editing and formatting (if needed) - enabling your key earners to focus their time on more revenue generating activities and less on administrative tasks.

Winscribe Speech Recognition is easy to use and has a high level of accuracy right out of the box. It has a lightweight network and resource footprint, centralized management (reducing management overhead), an integrated reporting component to track effectiveness, and it can be custom-fit to the needs of any organization — from a simple one site to a complex multiple Intranet.

WSR is cost effective. It enables quick and seamless document creation cycles and edit rates.

Winscribe Speech Recognition is based on the latest speech technology and algorithms. Its voice to text accuracy gains fast user acceptance, it offers automatic user profile improvement, and group learning — when a topic is enhanced for one user, all users benefit.

- Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR) is a standalone speech-to-text system that comprises all the features and benefits of WSR, but enables easy speech recognition transcription in any edit control/text window. An integration with Winscribe Dictation is not required. The user simply places his/her cursor in any text field (e.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, NotePad) and begins dictation.

QSR functions independently of any workflow and can be utilized with third-party software systems, Web browsers, EMRs, and other applications that allow text entry. This solution offers real-time, front-end (client-side) speech recognition, meaning that when authors talk they will automatically see the text appear before them.


Speech Recognition Reporting – Measure and manage to boost success.

Winscribe's advanced speech recognition reporting provides an effective solution for your business to collect, track, analyze and report on dictation and speech recognition data, staff productivity and organizational efficiency - enabling you to work smarter and leaner.

Winscribe Speech Recognition Reporting allows you to quickly and easily manage data and create reports based on your business requirements. Reports are easy to build on the metrics you and your business care about most. Alternatively, Winscribe provides pre-package reports for transcription speed, author dictation speed, and speech recognition accuracy. A customizable dashboard offers the convenience of collating reports on one screen, as well as the flexibility to run reports individually with just one click. Reports can be created in visually appealing and meaningful ways using advanced visualization options, and can be exported as Excel, Word , RTF, XML, CSV, MHTML, TIFF or PDF file.

Winscribe Speech Reporting uses Microsoft SQL's Reporting Services, which provides robust data analysis and allows customers familiar with Microsoft's Reporting Services to generate custom reports. By constantly measuring and monitoring relevant data it is easy to manage employee performance to ensure efficient time management of staff resources and to monitor productivity.

Mobility Suite

Speech Recognition on the move. Make the most of your Winscribe mobile dictation apps.

Winscribe's mobility suite is designed for users on the move. Mobile working means mobile dictation, and speech recognition is the key to productivity and efficiency.

Winscribe Speech Recognition is available for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iOS devices.

Winscribe provides two specialized apps for smart phones and tablets: Winscribe Professional (for general dictation) and Winscribe MD (for healthcare industry dictation).

Dictation is recorded on the user's mobile device and then is immediately sent wirelessly (and securely) to the Winscribe server, where it is immediately and automatically transcribed using Winscribe's server-side speech recognition software.

Winscribe's mobile apps seamlessly integrate with Winscribe Digital Dictation, providing for quick and accurate voice recognition transcription when converting voice input into text.

Winscribe mobile dictation is created and sent with minimal clicks and user-interaction; wireless connectivity with the server also ensures real-time updating — of crucial benefit where the dictating author is a clinician in the healthcare industry; and both our dictation apps support barcode/QR code scanning and the attachment of photos and maps.

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