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Transcription & Outsourcing

Winscribe Transcription and Outsourcing options

Manage Your Workflow with Our Transcription Service

With the ever increasing workload of professionals and the multitude of pressures faced by organisations to deliver documents in a timely manner, it has become crucial to improve the way in which information is created and transcribed.

The Winscribe solution has been created to support organisations with their documentation needs. This solution provides organisations with the ability to identify where help may be needed and subsequently reduce the impact of the commonly faced problems.

Know Your Costs

In our experience many organisations have tried outsourcing with varying results.

Many outsource providers often charge by the ‘line’, leaving the trust to calculate what the likely cost will be for budgeting and approval purposes. Not an easy task!

Working with you we establish a cost per document, which we can either fix for a specific timescale or quantity of letters, meaning you will know for certain what you will be paying each month.


How Does It Work

Put simply, the Winscribe solution fully integrates with your current system, allowing you complete control over your documentation process whilst supplementing transcription resource when needed.


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